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About Our Interior Designers

Hash Construction – We have the best Interior Designers in Calicut And Thodupuzha with unique talent and experience in Building Your Homes and Offices.

Our Interior Designers work together to get the best result for our customers. They often work individually when our customer demands as our customer’s needs are our main priority.

Our Interior Designers turn their creative ideas into the best creatives in order to make our customers satisfied and happy.

Shaping creative ideas into works of art, turning the innovations into more innovative creatives, making use of modern technology, and making the best result out of these are our main Interior Design Services.

Our Interior Design Services In Thodupuzha and Calicut have the same quality in designing and planning as our customers’ feedback is so satisfied and very positive.

Hash Construction is also known to be one of the most reputed, reliable, and trusted interior designers all over Calicut thanks to perfect timely delivery and quality.

Our Founder and Director Mr.Subair Sulaiman have a long-standing passion for crafting the best out of any architectural concept he touches with. Be it a commercial edifice or a beautiful home, he got it all.

Hash Construction also considers the great responsibility it has towards our valuable customers and society.

We have designed a number of houses, offices, and flats with our passionate interior designers In Calicut and Thodupuzha.

We value our customers and our works and we design your bedroom, wall, ceiling, bathroom, living room, and bungalow at affordable cost and budget-friendly.

 Aiming to keep our environmental surroundings very friendly, we have a team of very talented professionals to maintain our ecosystem very healthy and neatly.

We do have strong ethics for our ecosystem and are actually trying our best to be one of the eco-friendly contractors in Calicut and Thodupuzha.

Meet Our Team

Subair Sulaiman
Subair Sulaiman Managing Director

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